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Jay & Angela Simpson

Host Photo Angela and I, and our youngish daughter Petra (named after that amazing site in Jordan) live in the sunny Shuswap Lake area of BC. We're about an hour east of Kamloops and two hours north of Kelowna. Here we live on 15 acres of hobby farm with about 20 ewes, and 20 little lambs each spring. The farm is mostly a hobby and our main work here is in Vacation Rental Management. We fill up waterfront property owners empty summer weeks with tourists from all over Canada and the world.

Angela and I were both born in Calgary but met here at the Lake in BC. Angela has been involved in Real Estate, as a graphic artist and mother. I've been involved in travel for most of my life. At age 14, my family lived in Singapore for two years, and travelled throughout Asia and the South Pacific. This gave me a taste for incredible locations and awesome food. As an adult I studied as a systems analyst/computer programmer and wound up working for Rostad Tours. Over 17 years at Rostad I wrote programs, travelled throughout Canada promoting Rostad Tours, and travelled with too many groups to remember, through every continent on earth (except Antarctica).

We love to travel and we're continuing our relationship with Rostad Tours as Tour Hosts. Some of our favourite travel sayings are: If you see it, and like it, buy it. You may never see it again. We wander for distraction, but travel for fulfillment. Travel is the frivolous part of serious lives, and the serious part of frivolous ones.

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