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Rev Murdo & Marie Marple

Host Photo Since 1989 Calgary, Alberta has been home to Murdo and Marie. They enjoy living in the foothills of the Rockies and particularly enjoy some of the many hiking opportunities that abound in the foothills and in the mountains.

Murdo is now retired having served as a minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. In retirement he spends time volunteering in various areas of interest both in and beyond the Church. Marie works as a nurse in the area of Occupational Health.

Murdo and Marie have thoroughly enjoyed acting as tour hosts for Rostad Tours. Since their first trip to Turkey in 2003 they have hosted groups to Mexico, Russia, Greece and Peru.

They are thankful to Rostad Tours for the opportunity to travel with good friends - some of long standing and others who they have come to know in their role as tour hosts! They are also deeply appreciative that, through this travel, they have met a rich diversity of people gaining a deeper understanding of them and of their history and culture.

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